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Your Customer Service System…is it helping or hurting your business?

On either side of the Customer Service equation, terrible customer service is terrible for everyone! Obviously, externally you can lose customers and create bad social media thread / history. Internally, one bad employee can signal a lot of issues and “infect” other staff. Even worse is a company that doesn’t deliberately have a quality Customer Service system offering no paths of communication, collection vital feedback data, or problem-solving tools.

The first rule of Customer Service is to “Be Accessible”. Your customers and employees must be able to contact the right person in your company, should they require service, data, or have a question to ask. Many times, client or employee complaints uncover problems or issues that can be improved upon, so always be available and ready to listen and respond!

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  • Customer Service is the cheapest and best marketing tool available!

  • 25% to 40% of the total revenues of the most stable businesses come from returning customers.

  • Repeat customers drive 3-7 times the revenue per visit as one-time buyers.

  • Great Customer Service delivers over and above expectations, and that’s when your business will grow organically.

Customer Experience Management (CEM or CXM) is the collection of processes, tools, and resources a company uses to track, oversee, and organize every interaction between a customer and the organization throughout the Customer Lifecycle. CXM is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions, to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. It is a strategy that requires process change and many technologies to accomplish.

Technology now offers feature laden tools that are inexpensive, easy to setup and manage, and offer multiple communication channels. Your business may not be growing or benefiting from other development efforts, because you haven’t given the invaluable attention necessary to deliver top-quality Customer Service.

Do you know if there is a difference between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM/CXM)?

Let IAS help…

We have built Customer Service frameworks, internally for your employees and externally for your customers, designed and scalable for businesses of all sizes that offers a turn-key solution that will work seamlessly within your organization.

InfoAge Solutions (IAS) is a premier Business Technology Service Provider that works with organizations, hands-on, to identify and implement proven business practices, strategic frameworks, infrastructure processes, staff development, and leading-edge technology solutions.

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