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Afraid of GDPR and what it means for your business?

In today’s complex world of cybersecurity threats, laws, and regulations that are ever-changing and ever-evolving, it’s nearly impossible to say you’re 100 percent compliant with all standards at all times.

Do you have a Security Plan?

Do you have anyone to ensure you are protected?

Key Definitions

  • PII Personally Identifiable Information - Any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another.

  • Digital Asset – digital content, text, media…

    • Spoofing and Phishing - techniques used by scammers to mislead e-mail recipients. ... Spoofing is a technical measure used to change the apparent sender details on an e-mail, while phishing is an attempt to make the recipient hand over sensitive information such as log-in details.

  • Two Factor Authentication - security process in which the user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves to better protect both the user's credentials and the resources the user can access.

Plan, Record, and Protect Your Business' Digital Content

  1. Plan

  2. Record

  3. Protect

  4. Non-Disclosure Agreements – every interaction, discussion, etc.

  5. Training

  6. Copyright, Patent, Trademark

  7. Backup

  8. Testing

  9. Security

Data is your most valuable business asset…how well is your data protected? ...your customer's / vendor's data?

Security and Data Management means having Emergency Planning / Business Continuity / Security Management Plans, Asset Records, routine Backups, antivirus anti-malware software, and much more…are you data assets protected?

Let IAS help…

We have built Security and Data Management solutions with Data, Security, and Risk frameworks, templates, and tools for businesses of all sizes, designed to be scalable for flexibility and offers a turn-key solution that will work seamlessly within your organization.

InfoAge Solutions (IAS) is a premier Business Technology Service Provider that works with organizations, hands-on, to identify and implement proven business practices, strategic frameworks, infrastructure processes, staff development, and leading-edge technology solutions.


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