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GDPR requirements took affect May 25, 2018… are you in compliance?

Preparing for a new era in privacy regulation…

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements affect every organization in every industry as of May 25, 2018. GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data that they have / will collect and the on-going privacy of their customers. There are fines for not complying and this is not a one-and-done obligation…part of the requirement is to set up a process for ongoing assessment and be able to provide documentation.

What types of privacy data does the GDPR include and protect?

  • Basic identity information such as name, address and ID numbers

  • Web data such as location, IP address, cookie data and RFID tags

  • Health and genetic data

  • Biometric data

  • Racial or ethnic data

  • Political opinions

  • Sexual orientation

Who within your company is responsible for GDPR compliance?

Your Data Management Department and your Data Protection Officer (DPO) are responsible for ensuring compliance and reporting.

All data, systems, and contracts must be in compliance…

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Applications / Software Files

  • Hard Copy Documents

  • Customers Contracts

  • All existing contracts with processors (e.g., cloud providers, SaaS vendors, or payroll service providers)

Information Resources

  • Official Site and Copy of the Regulation

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GDPR Compliance means having a DPO, RoPA Report, Data Breach Management, and much more…are you in compliance?

Let IAS help…

We have built a GDPR solution with Data, Security, and Risk frameworks, templates, and tools for businesses of all sizes, designed to be scalable for flexibility and offers a turn-key solution that will work seamlessly within your organization.

InfoAge Solutions (IAS) is a premier Business Technology Service Provider that works with organizations, hands-on, to identify and implement proven business practices, strategic frameworks, infrastructure processes, staff development, and leading-edge technology solutions.

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